Making a Difference

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At NIHI we measure our success by our contribution to improving people’s health in New Zealand and around the globe.

We discover, develop, test and deliver innovative approaches to today’s most pressing health problems.

Our work is focused on preventing disease, improving people’s health, reducing health inequities and enabling the delivery of more effective and equitable healthcare.

We provide independent scientific evidence that supports individuals, communities, clinicians and policymakers.

Supported by The University of Auckland and Auckland UniServices Limited infrastructures, we are experts in providing researchers with complex project management, IT, data management and analytics support, delivery of commercial health projects and commercialisation/deployment of health initiatives.

Our NIHI team consists of: academic researchers who identify areas of potential research, design studies and analyse and communicate the results; project managers who ensure projects are delivered on time, scope and budget; developers who build and maintain our products; data managers who are responsible for reporting and data; and biostatisticians who help us analyse the data we collect. Meet the team here.


The NIHI team gathered to celebrate Clinical Trials Day.


NIHI stand at the HiNZ Conference held in Wellington 21-23 November


Congratulations to all involved in the 'Tackling Diet-related Disease in NZ' symposium held in Wellington on 04 September




NIHI team recently participated in Get Good Done

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