Technology Innovation

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NIHI Technical Development

Our team of developers have extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative e-health/m-health solutions to the world’s leading health problems. Being uniquely co-located with data managers, statisticians, subject matter experts and the project management team means we understand the complex processes and tools that researchers, healthcare providers, funders and businesses require. Customer focused and highly skilled, our goal is to provide you with the best service using modern technologies to drive healthcare improvement.

Our services include:

  • Mobile App development and maintenance
  • Website and Progressive Web App development and maintenance
  • PowerBI reporting and Google analytics
  • SMS (text message) program development and delivery through a bespoke AWS platform

Our services are hosted either on-premise or in the cloud. Our team ensures all products are developed according to best practice principals and adhere to security and risk checks and regulatory compliance.

For more information on the NIHI's Digital Services, please contact NIHI’s Digital Programme Manager Elaine Umali.