Hāraurau ngā purapura hou kia puāwai - Watch our new seeds blossom

13 May 2019 | UPDATE

This study has now closed recruitment. You can still visit our webpage to find out more but no further downloads of the app will be possible. Thank you to all of those who are participating.


2 April 2019

"Wanting the best for our children is what I, and all parents and whānau, want," says Gayl Humphrey, the lead investigator in our See How They Grow study.

iphone with growth chart at desk_scale.png

At times, we can get overwhelmed by the large amounts of information about parenting and are not sure what it all means. See How They Grow seeks to support parents with children under two years, to capture and record digitally in an app, the growth measures such as height and weight. These may be taken by our Tamariki Ora providers during our regular child health checks or they may be taken by parents or caregivers. 

The app enables the measures to be recorded in the same way as the Tamariki Ora Well Child book, but digitally on your phone. This could reduce the risk of lost or forgotten books at the next visit. But the main advantage of the See How They Grow app is that it provides curated personal insights and support directly to parents through the app that relates to their child and their child’s data. This may be about helping to interpret what a new measure means or some tips on starting solids if they are coming up to 6 months of age.

This is not an app just for one person, but the whole whānau can be part of hāraurau ngā purapura hou kia puāwai (watching our new seeds blossom). That way, the whole whānau can grow and support each other together.

Our goal is to explore if using the See How They Grow app can help improve our knowledge and understanding of why we monitor our children’s growth and help improve our understanding of what these growth measures mean for the wellbeing of our children. 

Try the app for yourself by downloading it today. For more information, check out the See How They Grow website or send us a message

Thanks and acknowledgement of our funders: Cure Kids, A Better Start and PDH.