FASD Virtual Reality Tool


What is it like to have FASD? If you are a caregiver of someone with FASD, you, your child and your family could help us find out.

Researchers at the University of Auckland are recruiting up to 10 families who have a child (aged 12 years and up) with FASD to share stories, art, photos, music, wiata, and videos about what it’s like to live with FASD. Family members will also be invited to talk to us individually as well as altogether as a family to help us learn more about the strengths and challenges of FASD.

This information will help us create a Virtual Reality (VR) Tool for people who work with young people with FASD, like doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists.

If you are interested in taking part please contact the research team at fasdresearch@auckland.ac.nz

All families will receive a $200 voucher as an appreciation for your time.

Approved by the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on 09/05/2022 for three years.
Reference number AH24115