WASSH Salt Awareness Week | 14-20 March 2022

Shake the salt habit

This year we will shine a spotlight on the simple yet effective approach that we can all take to improve our health – by shaking the salt habit!


DIET (Dietary Interventions: Evidence and Translation) and SALTS (Salt ALTernatives Study) are two current projects that we're working on to improve the diet-related health of all New Zealanders and reduce burden of disease.


DIET - Dietary Interventions: Evidence and Translation



SALTS - Salt ALTernatives Study



We have known for some time now that too much salt can harm our health, leading to unnecessary deaths from heart attacks and strokes. Salt reduction is accepted globally as a cost effective strategy to improve public health.


Please join us as we ask the food industry to shake their salt habit, so that we can all live longer, healthier lives.