Congratulations to Dianne Wood for being promoted to the Project Manager of SPARX


NIHI is very proud to be involved in the roll out of SPARX in Aotearoa. SPARX is an interactive game-world designed to help young people who are feeling down.

Dianne Wood has been the Project Coordinator working on SPARX for the past 3 years. She has been instrumental in managing the SPARX website upgrade and the release of SPARX version 2 in October 2021. In recognition of all her hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Dianne has been promoted to be the Project Manager of SPARX.

With over 10 years of IT Project Management knowledge in the health sector, Dianne will continue to focus on getting the valuable tool out to more of Aotearoa’s youth and explore international collaborations and opportunities.

Please join us in congratulating Dianne on this well-deserved promotion!