2021 HRC Project Grant - Cytisine and E-cigarettes Study with Supportive Text-messaging (CESS@Tion)


Congratulations to Associate Professor Natalie Walker, Professor Chris Bullen, Dr George Laking and the rest of their team for their 2021 HRC Project Grant funding for the project - Cytisine and E-cigarettes Study with Supportive Text-messaging (CESS@Tion).

Previous research has shown that both cytisine and nicotine e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine replacement therapy at helping people to quit smoking, and are more acceptable to users. Text-messages offering advice and support around quitting smoking have also been shown to be highly effective and acceptable.

The CESS@Tion study funded by the Health Research Council will involve a large clinical trial to test whether using all three stop-smoking products at once (cytisine, nicotine e-cigarettes, and text messages) will help more New Zealanders to quit smoking long-term, compared to single product use.


Check out our previous research on this topic:https://nihi.auckland.ac.nz/tobacco-and-addiction