Bring on better bangers

Bring back better bangers

Sausages on the barbie – a great Kiwi summer tradition. However, new research reveals high salt content of sausages in New Zealand, and it could put you at risk of stroke.

According to the World Health Organization, it’s recommended that we only consume a teaspoon of salt a day – and a serving of sausages can contain around half a teaspoon, that's half your recommended daily salt intake.

The National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI) analysed a wide range of sausages including kranskys, hotdogs and meat-free products, on behalf of The Stroke Foundation NZ, many of which were found to have very high salt levels.

Full report from the National Institute of Health Innovation (NIHI):

Stroke Foundation's media release: Bring_on_better_bangers-media_release.pdf

Content source: Stroke Foundation NZ