Did you know that ZOOM fatigue is a real thing?

Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue (substitute zoom with Teams, Skype etc…) is real! Are you experiencing unusual tiredness, inability to concentrate in zoom meetings, feeling connected but disconnected? Our General Manager, Karen Carter is sharing her experience with Zoom fatigue and her thoughts on how to address it.

It has been suggested that our brains are being overstimulated from attempting to process large amounts of data differently - i.e processing limited body language cues, background images and other audio and visual information. This, combined with the frequency of Zoom sessions is overwhelming the brain and causing fatigue. No to mention that many of us are also guilty of multi-tasking and checking emails at the same time as being on a Zoom meeting.

Add to this, using Zoom to connect with friends and family/whanau or for social gatherings (virtual drinks and quiz night is our new reality) and you realise that you are spending a vast amount of your waking time connecting with others via Zoom.

How can we address the problem?

  • Ask yourself, do you really need a video call or can you connect in another way. Can you achieve the same outcome through an email or phone call? How would you have interacted before self-distancing and working from home?
  • Take time between zoom meetings. If you used to schedule a meeting for 50 minutes to allow yourself time to get set up, focus or move between meetings, do the same. Even if it is only a few laps around your work space. Allow yourself time between meetings.
  • Block chunks of non-zoom time in your work calendar and use this time to do something productive.
  • Treat the zoom meeting as you would any face to face meeting: set a clear agenda, stick to time and finish with a summary of action points.
  • Keep the meeting time reasonable - yes, it’s hard
  • Try speaker view for meetings rather than being distracted by others in the gallery view.

Look after yourself. Take time away from the computer and Zoom to do things that make you happy. Rest, recharge and be kind to yourself.