Professor Chris Bullen on TenCent news feature

TenCent News

Our Director, Professor Chris Bullen made an appearance at Ten Cent news to discuss recent developments on Gamification.

He mentioned that Gamification is now an established way of getting people interested in their health, while boosting their motivation to take action in an entertaining way, sustained over a longer period, that can subsequently help change their behaviour. Gamification can help people exercise more, improve their diets, relieve depression, manage diabetes or asthma better through rewards for positive behaviour and/or competition.

Academics and game developers need to work together to create the best game experience and help people change their behaviour in a positive way. He added, “By very best I mean games that are based on strong scientific foundations, including theory and empirical evidence to benefit the people with elements that come from a deep understanding of how and why behaviour change occurs. However, they also have to be attractive, amusing, exciting, reliable and readily accessible. That is an ambitious vision but one that is achievable through my collaboration with TenCent.”

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