Assoc. Professor Natalie Walker
Lead, Tobacco and Addiction

Natalie is a clinical trialist and epidemiologist, and Director of the Centre for Addiction Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Natalie has a PhD in cardiovascular epidemiology and has held three prestigious fellowships during her career - a Health Research Council Training Fellowship, a Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and the prestigious Heart Foundation Douglas Senior Fellowship in Heart Health. Her primary area of interest is the conduct of phase III, community-based, clinical trials, with a particular focus on smoking cessation interventions. She has a secondary interest in respiratory health, cardiovascular epidemiology, the use of novel technology in disease prevention and treatment, and research into the efficacy and safety of complementary and alternative medicine. She is a Fellow of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT), and Dean of the SRNT on-line University.

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