Research Services - Biostatistics

The biostatisticians at NIHI provide a statistical service across a wide range of therapeutic areas and most phases of clinical research.  Our biostatisticians play an important role in the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of randomised controlled trials.

They work closely with investigators from many different application areas to achieve the best study design for each experimental setting. We aim to ensure that the design provides sufficient power, proper randomisation, and data that appropriate statistical methods can be applied to address the goals of the study.

With over 15 years of experience in clinical trials, we have learnt how important it is to prepare a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) early on in the study. We routinely prepare a Statistical Analysis Plan at the start up phase of most studies that we are involved in. This not only informs the client what outputs can be expected but also follows ICH guidelines, helps minimise bias, clarifies variable definitions, and states how missing data and other issues will be handled when it comes to the analysis stage. The biostatistics team at NIHI routinely provides services, support and assistance to external public and private sector organisations. Our services include:

  • Observational studies
  • Case control studies
  • Health surveys
  • Systematic reviews
  • Health risk assessment

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and always working together with the client’s goal in mind.  Our main statistical services are as follows:

  • Advice on study design
  • Statistical analysis planning
  • Data and safety monitoring
  • Statistical programming and analysis
  • Interpretation and reporting of study results
  • Teaching and organising biostatistics workshops

For more information on the NIHI's Biostatistics Services, please contact Varsha Parag, Lead Biostatistician.